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Who is your brand?


Or, in other words, if your brand were a person, who would he or she be? In a world where brands can live or die by the relationships they forge with people, it is a question brand marketers should be asking themselves. In fact, until that question is answered in a definitive fashion, it will be difficult, if not impossible, for any brand to enter into the sort of authentic relationship more and more consumers are demanding from brands in exchange for their loyalty.


The truth is, many brands already possess human characteristics. They can be dependable or trustworthy. Serious or silly. They can be caring and altruistic or self-absorbed and a little rebellious. Whatever it is, brands must be true to themselves if they are to have any hope to deepening the human-like relationships characterized by a new definition of brand equity. People buy brands that they have come to know and like and thinking of brands in human terms can provide a frame of reference that makes it easier for a brand to be known and understood. Once that mutual understanding is established; deeper, more intuitive, and more meaningful consumer engagements are more likely to follow.


So, how do you know who your brand is? Sometimes it is right in front of us but somehow not so easy to see. In those instances we at Valentine Design often turn to archetypes to help us organize our thoughts as we analyze the human characteristics we find in a given brand. Grounded in our collective unconscious, the concept of Archetypes was first advanced by Carl Jung - one of the most influential psychiatrists of the 20th Century. Jung recognized that there are patterns of themes that have been repeated through history and recurring figures that tend to embody these themes. He identified and segmented these figures into 12 primary personality types that we can use as a frame of reference to better understand a brand’s personality.


The process we use in collaboration with marketing counterparts has a single-minded purpose. We seek to first understand our brand in human terms and align our marketing teams around that understanding. Only then can our brand consistently be its authentic self in its engagement with consumers.


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Brand packaging and breakthrough in the Warehouse Club Channel!


Kevin McMahon Vice President

Valentine Design 11/01/2017

Who is your brand?


Or, in other words, if your brand were a person, who would he or she be? …


Kevin McMahon Vice President

Valentine Design 11/01/2017

Newly redesigned Capri Sun brand packaging.

Capri Sun and brand-building in the club channel!




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